Season 1: Job & Romans

Release Schedule

Season 1 Release Schedule

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  1. Welcome to The Two Testaments (listen here)

  2. Introduction to Job (listen here)

  3. Introduction to Romans (listen here)

  4. Job 1–2: Brent Strawn (listen here)

  5. Romans 1: Roy Ciampa and Frank Thielman (listen here)

  6. Job 3: Jeff Leonard (listen here)

  7. Romans 2: Matthew Thiessen (listen here)

  8. Job 4-5, 11 (Job’s friends): Patricia Vesely (listen here)

  9. Romans 3–4: Tom Schreiner (listen here)

  10. Job 6–7 (Job’s complaints): Tremper Longman (listen here)

  11. Romans 5–6: Beverly Gaventa (listen here)

  12. Job 9, 16, 19 (Job’s “redeemer”): Brennan Breed (listen here)

  13. Romans 7:1–8:17: Susan Eastman (listen here)

  14. Job 28: Scott Jones (listen here)

  15. Romans 8:18–39: Haley Jacob (listen here)

  16. Job 29-31: Edward Greenstein (listen here)

  17. Romans 9-11: Ross Wagner

  18. Job 32–37: Dominick Hernández

  19. Romans 12:1–15:13: Mike Bird and Nijay Gupta

  20. Job 38–41: Bill Brown

  21. Romans 15:14–16:27: Rafael Rodriguez

  22. Job 42: Carol Newsom

  23. Romans 16: Beverly Gaventa

  24. Q & A

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Welcome to The Two Testaments podcast, a guided journey through Scripture with leading experts on the Bible, hosted by Rony Kozman and Will Kynes.

We interview scholars to discuss the meanings of verses, passages, and books of the Bible. Think of us as an audio Bible commentary—but more exciting!—where you get to hear scholars and practitioners trying to make sense of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

This podcast is for all students of the Bible—pastors, Bible teachers, ministry leaders, students, and all who are curious about the Bible.


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