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Introduction to Romans with Rony Kozman

listen Subscribe Donate This Episode’s Blurb Rony Kozman recommends The Two Testaments podcast: Insightful, invigorating, delightful. The Two Testaments is sure to invite deep reflection, theological engagement, and invites some of the greatest guides

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Job 1–2 (The "Prologue") with Brent Strawn

listen Subscribe Donate Relevant Books by Brent Strawn The Old Testament is Dying: A Diagnosis and Recommended Treatment. Baker Academic, 2017. This Episode’s Blurb Brent Strawn blurbs about horse mats. Yes, that’s right—horse mats:

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Romans 1 with Roy Ciampa and Frank Thielman

listen Subscribe Donate Relevant Books By Roy Ciampa and Frank Thielman This post contains affiliate links. Frank Thielman. Romans. Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. Zondervan, 2018. Roy Ciampa.“Habakkuk 2:4 in Romans: Echoes,

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Romans 2 with Matthew Thiessen

listen Subscribe Donate (Apologies for the audio quality in some parts of this episode.) Relevant Books by Matthew Thiessen This post contains affiliate links. Paul and the Gentile Problem, Oxford University Press, 2018, This

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