Our Guides through Matthew


Matthew 1-2

Genealogy and Escape from Herod


Matthew 12:1–14:12

Sabbath Disputes, Evil Spirits, Parables, John the Baptist


Matthew 14:13–17:27

Feeding the Crowds, Walking on Water, Peter’s Keys, the Transfiguration



Matthew 18:1–20:28

Debt, Forgiveness, Divorce, Wealth,
The Last will be First


Rev. John A. O’Brien Associate Professor of Theology; University of Notre Dame


Matthew 20:29–23:39

Entering Jerusalem, Parables, the Pharisees

Mom Picture


Amy-Jill Levine (PhD, Duke University)

Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies; Hartford International University for Religion and Peace

University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies Emerita, Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies Emerita, Professor of New Testament Studies Emerita; Vanderbilt University


Archaeology and
the Gospels

Charles Jackson Granade and Elizabeth Donald Granade Professor of New Testament; Samford University