The Book of the Twelve

Album Cover for Book of the Twelve Series with painting of Jonah being Spit out of the fish's mouth.
  • Introduction to the Book of the Twelve with James Nogalski

  • Hosea with Bo Lim

  • Joel with Christopher Seitz (coming soon)

  • Amos with Daniel Carroll (coming soon)

  • Jonah with Vanessa Lovelace (coming soon)

  • Micah with Mark Gignilliat (coming soon)

  • Obadiah and Nahum with Beth Stovell (coming soon)

  • Habakkuk with Heath Thomas (coming soon)

  • Zephaniah with Heath Thomas (coming soon)

  • Haggai with Marvin Sweeney (coming soon)

  • Zechariah with Marvin Sweeney (coming soon)

  • Malachi with Julia O’Brien (coming soon)

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