Introduction to the Book of the Twelve with James Nogalski

Dr. James Nogalski (Baylor University) introduces us to the Book of the Twelve. We discuss:

  • The significance of the titles “The Book of the Twelve” and “Minor Prophets.”
  • Evidence that The Twelve were considered one scroll or book.
  • The historical context of the development of The Twelve.
  • The different canonical placements of The Twelve, and the different traditions of ordering the individual books of The Twelve.
  • Catchwords that link the individual books in The Twelve.
  • A speed round where Jim briefly summarizes each book within The Twelve.
  • Jim’s favourite of the The Twelve.
  • The genre of prophetic literature.
  • The challenge of relating historical crises to God’s judgment.

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James Nogalski Recommends

  • Greg Iles’ trilogy: Natchez Burning; Mississippi Blood; The Bone Tree.

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