Habakkuk with Heath Thomas

Dr. Heath Thomas (Oklahoma Baptist University) guides us through Habakkuk. We discuss:

  • The historical context of Habakkuk
  • The following major themes: divine judgment and the use of foreign nations to execute God’s judgment; the significance of payer and praise; divine and human faithfulness
  • God using a foreign nation to discipline his people (1:6), and Habakkuk’s complaint against God doing this (1:13)
  • The vision that Habakkuk is to write down (2:2)
  • The meaning of Habakkuk 2:4: “the just will live by his faith”
  • The divine theophany in which God touches down to earth and marches through the wilderness to rescue his people (3:1–15)

Works by Dr. Heath Thomas

  • A Manifesto for Theological Interpretation. Edited with C. Bartholomew. Baker Academic, 2016
  • Faith Amid the Ruins: The Book of Habakkuk. Lexham Press, 2016
  • Poetry & Theology in the Book of Lamentations: The Aesthetics of an Open Text. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2013
  • Holy War in the Bible: Christian Morality and an Old Testament Problem. Edited by Heath Thomas et al. Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2013

Heath Thomas Recommends

  • The works of Umberto Eco 
  • Makoto Fujimura, Art and Faith: A Theology of Making. Yale University Press, 2020


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